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Proteus XR/a

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Proteus XR/a

General purpose radiographic system

GE Proteus

Flexibility, productivity and performance

The Proteus XR/ais a full-featured radiographic system designed to meet almost any facility’s radiographic imaging and throughput requirements, without compromising your capital-equipment budget.

The Proteus XR/a is truly an extraordinary value, engineered to meet your need for:

-Broad clinical flexibility, to address all your radiographic needs

-Excellent image quality at reasonable dose levels, to enhance your staff’s diagnostic confidence

-Exceptional ease of use, to improve staff productivity and patient throughput

-Outstanding reliability, to help ensure maximum uptime

What’s more, the value of Proteus XR/a extends to its size and capabilities. Designed for a wide range of configurations, it’s compact enough to fit into the smallest rooms. Even its generator electronics and power unit are integrated in a space-saving cabinet. And it requires just minimal room preparation, so it can be installed in just a few days.

Table-side technique and receptor controls eliminate trips to the control room.

Clearly displayed parameters, including kV, mAs, SID and angle make selections easy and convenient.

GE Proteus

Smooth movement with single- or two-handed operation.

Four-way floating tabletop helps speed patient positioning.

Cushioned bumpers offer protection from sharp corners.

Elevating table helps ensure patient

comfort when getting on and off table.

Front and rear foot control pedals provide easy operation from either side.

Proteus In Use

Flexible, accurate, reliable

Broad clinical flexibility

With the Proteus XR/a system, you’ll be able to accommodate any radiographic study that comes your way:

-Elevating or fixed-height pedestal table features a four-way floating tabletop, and front- and rear-positioning foot pedal controls for easy patient positioning and technologist accessibility.

-Overhead tube support can be rotated for decubitus, off-table and upright radiography, as well as stretcher cases.

-Tomo module sets up easily for high-quality linear tomography.

-Available in 32, 50, 65 and 80 kW, the high-frequency generator provides penetration for nearly any application.

-Wall stand with electromagnetic locks can be easily positioned single-handedly from either side.

Consistently excellent image quality

The Proteus XR/a system was engineered for high-quality, low- dose imaging, study after study.

-Self-calibrating three-phase, high-frequency generator delivers highly accurate, short and nearly ripple-free output for dose-efficient exposures.

-Microprocessor-controlled technique and parameter adjustment help maintain consistently excellent image quality.

-High-speed X-ray tube offers focal spots of 0.6 mm and 1.2 mm.

-High-density stationary grids or motor-driven, dynamically counterbalanced bucky help ensure consistent image quality.

-Three-field ionization chamber provides accurate, automatic exposure control (AEC) to reduce the need for retakes.

The overhead tube support glides easily into position for procedures from off-table and decubitus to upright radiography.

GE Proteus

and easy to use

Productivity-enhancing ease of use

The Proteus XR/a's engineers relied heavily on input from technologists to design a system that would minimize learning curves, streamline operation and speed patient throughput. Among the results:

-Patient-side technique and receptor controls provide easy and quick settings and adjustments, reducing trips to the control room.

-Anatomical Programmer (APR) accommodates a full range of studies, organized by morphology or body region, for quick setup.

-Auto-collimators include cassette-size sensing trays.

-Smooth movement of tabletop and overhead tube support provide easy positioning for full patient coverage.

Exceptional reliability

Like all GE imaging systems, the Proteus XR/a was designed with Six Sigma to maximize your uptime and minimize your operating costs.

-Three-phase, high-frequency generator is designed for years of reliable service and extended tube life.

-Automatic error-code display and logging speed troubleshooting and service.

Get the details

For more information on the Proteus XR/a system, please contact your GE representative today.

A high-resolution touch screen offers simultaneous display of all technique factors.

Proteus Images

Proteus XR/a achieves this level of image quality, procedure after procedure

PA projection of the chest

PA, oblique and lateral view of hand

Lateral projection of the cervical spine

Waters view of sinus

AP projection of the cervical spine

PA projection of sinus

Proteus In Use
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