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Precision MPi

Multipurpose radiography, fluoroscopy and interventional system

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Full. Friendly. Flexible. Precision MPi meets both the imaging and siting needs of hospitals and outpatient clinics.

Its latest-generation imaging chain is built on industry-leading CCD-based image-intensifier technology. Designed to deliver the high image quality and clinical performance that enable advanced interventional applications.

And it's ideal for your growing outpatient interventional practice, since it lets you fill out your schedule with a full range of radiography and fluoroscopy procedures.

Image all. Site small.

That's the beauty of Precision MPi.

mance in a compact package.

Such big performance. Such small space. The multipurpose Precision™ MPi delivers a diverse range of radiography, fluoroscopy and interventional imaging applications.

All in a system that slips easily into a room just 12 feet square.

Equipment, Use, Result

A compact footprint makes Precision MPi easy to install in a room as small as 12' by 12' (3.7 m x 3.7 m) - with just one small cabinet.

With its versatile imaging capabilities, Precision MPi supports a full range of diagnostic R&F and interventional procedures - to help physicians meet the changing demands of their exam caseloads.

Two Examples Of Use

Twice the control.

Usability equals Productivity. We've designed Precision MPi to operate, move, position and image as simply and conveniently as possible. It does more. Easily. So you can do more. Quickly.

Use And Construction

With open access from both sides of the table, you rarely need to turn a patient end for end to change approaches. Just work from whichever side is the most convenient.

The gantry can be optionally constructed with the table left mounted upon installation to suit your needs.

Double the access.

Dual control consoles let you run Precision MPi from either the control room or the exam room.

Operate the system remotely from the control room for maximum operator dose reduction. Or take command right at the tableside. From positioning to acquisition to replay, it's all there at your fingertips.

Letting you work quickly and independently.

Full in-room system, digital and positioning controls are made for use in a sterile environment. A laser positioner on the image intensifier and a collimator field light on the tube show you the exact point of image aim without fluoro exposure. The simple, highly automated user interface lets you preset gantry motions - which are swift, smooth and silent for imaging flexibility and patient comfort.

Two Examples Of Use, And Accessories

A low foot board, rotating table and rotating

A low, 25-inch (55-cm) automatic patient loading

A table widener, a shoulder rest and a foot board

C-arm give patients open access to the upright

table height lets your patient sit down, not climb up.

are just some of the easily installable accessories

loading position.


that enhance patient positioning, comfort and




From respiratory and digestive exams.

To urinary and reproductive system studies. Precision MPi supports and optimizes a wide variety of R&F clinical applications

and procedures.

Its digital imaging chain ensures exceptional performance and results even in the most challenging R&F procedures. Along with outstanding clinical productivity in high-throughput imaging environments.

With Precision MPi, combined tilt and image- chain angulation optimize viewing for many procedures. Almost any projection is possible, including AP and PA.

And fast, smooth, quiet image-chain repositioning streamlines every R&F exam.


An Example Of Use

Small and compact. Fast and flexible. Easy and accom- modating. Precision MPi's remarkable traits put a broad range of traditional R&F capabilities at your fingertips. With a C-arm that gives you a whole new angle on patients.

Use And Result

Upright studies

With a low foot board, head-to-toe coverage, an angulating image chain and convenient in-room controls, Precision MPi optimizes GI or other upright clinical studies.

Use And Result

90°/90° tilting table

The Precision MPi table provides a full range of tilt to accommodate a full range of procedures.

Use And Result

Flexible radiographic positioning

Thanks to special positioning accessories, ideal angulations and full tableside controls, Precision MPi is perfectly suited for performing radiographic procedures.

A high-performance vascular imaging chain. A 100-kw generator. A full-featured digital system ideally configured for the vascular interventional environment.

Precision MPi has all of the power and performance for a wide range of minimally invasive interventional radiology procedures.

And in difficult anatomy, its angulated imaging separates overlying anatomic structures for clearer viewing - similar to the advanced technology found on dedicated interventional systems.

In addition, the 90°/90° table tilt with cradle tilt can be used to advantage in nonvascular applications such as spine interventions.


All of the image quality. All of the positioning flexibility and great patient access. As a vascular and interventional platform, Precision MPi supports advanced applications with ease.

Use And Result

Demanding neuroangiography

With its precise focal spot, its 1024 x 1024 digital imaging and its flexible C-arm positioning, Precision MPi is an excellent choice for neuroangiography.


Use And Result
Use And Result

Bolus Chase PA or AP position

Precision MPi performs peripheral run-offs with a subtracted bolus chase method in the PA position as well as the AP position - the ideal run-off geometry. To minimize operator dose in AP run-offs, the image chain is pre-positioned without fluoro using a collimator field light. And reduced-frame-rate fluoro is used with a floor or ceiling rad shield.

Use And Result

General and rotational angiography

From generator output to positioning flexibility, Precision MPi provides general angiographic solutions from head to toe.

Precision MPi's 1024 x 1024 CCD TV system and 32-cm or 40-cm image intensifier maximize image chain DQE to provide

high-quality fluoro, record and digital spot imaging modes - all at the lowest possible dose. Its full-featured digital system delivers frame rates of up to 15 frames per second. A suite of digital imaging options meets

a wide variety of clinical needs.

And a full array of DICOM software applications ensures excellent connectivity. So you can get your images where you

want them, when you want them.

Example Of Use

Behind the image.

Vascular-level 1024 x 1024 CCD imaging technology. Computer-based advanced dose-reduction managment

systems. Robotic positioning technology. Ergonomic user-interface technology. Effective DICOM connectivity. In Precision MPi, a new level of technology breeds exceptional clinical performance.

Pick GE as your service partner, and tap into the industry's most advanced digital hardware and software support. Asset management tools. On-demand applications support. Training and education. 24/7 remote technical support. Highly trained field and online engineers.


What's more, our unique integrated business offering - including equipment leasing and practice management consulting - makes it easier and more economically viable for you to implement Precision MPi in your outpatient practice.

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